Christopher Young

Heritage is more than where we live and what we live in, but how and why we live that way.

The City of Subiaco has a distinctively working class history but has increasingly been transformed into one of the more prestigious Western Australian councils. Covering seven square kilometres, it is home to 17,000+ residents.

Made over a number of months and as part of an artist residency, I made images inside fourteen private residences within the City exploring how people are living in houses that are often over 80-100 years old.

The project was quite fluid with the experience being much more intimate than I expected. The buildings have become secondary elements to the eclectic group of personalities I encountered. All the houses will remain anonymous and this allowed much greater access to the houses themselves. Initially guided through the house, I was then left alone to make my images with the owners often retreating to the garden.

The images looked at their everyday experience as well as the shrine-like displays I discovered in most houses. I also interviewed various people about the importance they place on particular objects that have been photographed. These interviews were presented in DVD form which played on a monitor in the space during the show.

This exhibition of eleven large photographic prints in two rooms opened on August 30, 2013 at the Subiaco Museum (239 Rokeby Road, Subiaco WA, Australia) and closed late July 2014. The rooms were divided thematically with the first being the more intimate images and the second being predominantly the shrines.

Please contact me on 0421 974 329 (Western Australia, GMT+8) should you be interested in purchasing work. All images are Lightjet prints and prices range from AU$808-$1,920 for individual prints.

800mm (h) x 640mm (w). Edition of 5.
400mm (h) x 320mm (w). Edition of 5.

Further to the above dimensions, images have a white border on all sides.

Framing can be included for your convenience and is done by a professional framer. This includes individual white frames, white matt boards with the prints behind glass.

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