The Original Place

Elisa Markes-Young

Sometimes I think we all have embedded in the brain a personal space like a home we’ve lost that lingers in our skulls (...) This place and (the) people - they’re like elements or primary colours, forming and haunting our lives. (...) the original place isn’t ideal, just primary, saturating your child sensibility like the first exposure of film; if that place is then lost it settles in the brain rare and fantastic. - Jane Alison, The Sister Antipodes

Will a return disappoint or validate your homesickness? Will you even be able to find your original place and if not - why? Because it has changed or maybe you did? Or maybe it was never there in the first place?

Will it be because reality is always different from the image that you have been storing inside yourself for years, cherishing, protecting and beautifying it? Without noticing you end up with something that is quite different to what you thought you took with you upon your departure.

Please contact Elisa via 0421 974 329 (Christopher Young, Western Australia, GMT+8) should you be interested in purchasing work. Prices range from AU$1,300-$2,500.

Framing can be included for your convenience and is done by a professional framer.

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Elisa Markes-Young - The Original Place

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