Beginnings, Series I

Elisa Markes-Young

The Beginnings series were inspired by the processes and transformations we observe during a lifetime of a plant, especially the process of setting seed and spreading. It's the beauty of the seed capsules, the various shapes, the ways in which they break when ripe to disperse the seeds... It's also what this process indicates - the beginning and the end of life.

Elisa describes Beginnings, Series I (2005) as a textile piece as she sees the canvas as a piece of textile and an integral part of the artwork. It is painted with textile and/or acrylic paints. As it is unprimed it has the look of a rough cotton cloth more than a painting. The crocheted forms depicting seedpods are stitched with wool onto canvas after being stuffed with wool strings to accentuate the 3D effect. The whole piece has a very natural and earthy character. As Elisa feel that this aesthetics is more like what she wanted to express. She regards Series I far more effective than Series II.

Please contact Elisa via 0421 974 329 (Christopher Young, Western Australia, GMT+8) should you be interested in purchasing work. Prices range from AU$750-$850.

Framing can be included for your convenience and is done by a professional framer.

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Elisa Markes-Young - Beginnings, Series I

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